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Vilmos Anomaly aka Peter Lount Bio

Vilmos Anomaly creates cutting edge electronic music in a variety of styles using awesome electronic music instruments. Vilmos Anomaly explores the deep realms of all possible electronic music and brings unique pieces back from the depths. Performances are Live Set Jams unique in nature with many instruments at play, or even just one. Releases can be of Live Set Jams with minimal edits or complex multi-layered tracks with up to 100 instruments strumming their voices.

In the spring of 2015 Peter Lount began to be serious about creating music. As a longtime lover of popular music, classical and instrumental music as well as amazing soundtracks for movies, film, television and vidoes Peter has always appreciated music.

Inspired by artists, bands and composers such as Vangelis, Philip Glass, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, John Williams, Brian Eno, Hans Zimmerman, KraftWerk, Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp, Peter Gabriel, Jean Michel Jarre, Styx, Enya, Anomalous Disturbances, Crystal Method, ... and so many more... it was time to begin to create music professionaly.

Vilmos Anomaly came about from Peter Lount's middle name which in Hungarian is Vilmos (William in English) and the music and sounds that he makes being different, an anomaly, as he just doesn't know any better meaning he can innovate outside the box. In addition, Peter's neighbors cat, named Anomaly, fell in love with him, and over a few years developed a highly expressive means of communicating with each other. Anomaly moved away last summer and as a way of honoring her Anomaly was adopted as part of the stage name, Vilmos Anomaly; Unfortunately Anomaly passed away last fall, she was an amazing cat loved by all who knew her.

Peter comes from a large family from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During his early teen years the family moved to Edmonton, Alberta where he attended up to grade 11 of high school. He then moved to North Vancouver to complete high school and begin his software career after graduating by writing the video games Gemstone Warrior and Gemstone Healer for the Apple ][, Commodore 64 and Atari 800. Over 500,000 people played this now classic video game in the mid 1980's. Gemonstone Warrior won the 1985 CES Show award for "Best Original Hybrid Video Game". The game is now considered a classic and the game that inspired "Diablo".

In the spring of 2015 Peter Lount started being obsessed with creating original electronic music and began acquiring amazing music instruments to further this creative goal. Peter loves instruments from Moog, Roland, Korg, Arturia, Yamaha, Akai, HexInverter, Makenoise, Dave Smith Modular, Intellijel, and many other companies.

Vilmos Anomaly uses integrated synthesizers (such as the Roland RD-100 Weighted 88 Key 64 Voice Digital Stage Piano, or the Moog Sub 37), semimodular and modular synthesizers (Moog Mother-32, Roland System-1m), and drum computers aka drum machines (Elektron Analog Rytm, Akai Rhythm Wolf). Whatever the instrument Peter will learn it and find its special sound potential.

Vilmos Anomaly is works towards Live Set Jams, Live Performances, Producing Electronic Music of many styles, and Movie/Film/TV/Video Soundtracks.

Vilmos Anomaly aka Peter Lount Photos (click to enlarge)

Vilmos Anomaly Solo Stage Plot (click to enlarge)